Our satisfied clients say:


“I have been using The Go-To Gals for eight years on a regular basis and I don’t know how I ever lived without this service before!  They do my tax prep, organize my closets, drop off donations, create address labels for Christmas cards, run my errands…Anything that I need, no matter how trivial or big, The Go-To Gals can handle it.  And they are fun and easy to work with.  I can’t recommend them more highly!”

Alison Winter

Retired Executive Vice President, Northern Trust Corporation


“We moved to Los Angeles and into our new home this winter.  My family arrived to a house full of boxes and total chaos.  I don’t know how we would have survived it without The Go-To Gals.  They swooped in and saved the day!  And my marriage!  Kathryn and her team showed up and unpacked everything in perfect order.  They made our house not only liveable but made it look like it was staged!  We are forever grateful to The Go-To Gals. We will definitely go-to them again!”

Jeff E. Laurence

San Marino, CA


“As a small business owner and busy mom, The Go-To Gals have been invaluable over the past five years.  They handle all my company’s incoming email and phone messages, keep my accounting and bill payments up to date, run personal errands for my family, make travel arrangements for us and take care of our home and pets when we are away.  The Go-To Gals even helped me overhaul my entire wardrobe and organized my closets and home office like never before.  I can’t imagine my life without The Go-To Gals in it… I wouldn’t want to!”

Jemma Rane

Jemma Designs, Los Angeles


“Over the past two years, we have hired The Go-To Gals on several occasions to stay in our Bel Air home and care for our beloved cats and ailing dog while our family has gone on vacation.  The Go-To Gals go above and beyond and we wouldn’t trust anyone else!”

Denise Holloway and Rob Kautz

Executive Vice President and CFO, 99 Cent Only Stores